Privacy policy

Our policy in clear English

Here’s what we get when you visit
Like every server on the Internet, our server software collects information about what devices connect to it. That means every server log (not just ours), tracks your IP address and the pages you look at. We’re also using an Open Source analytics software to get a better sense of how our site is being used. That software tracks information about your browser and the device you’re using. However, this software does not record your IP address. It anonymizes it, so, an address like becomes 192.168.X.X. However, if you send us a message through our contact form, then, of course, we’ll collect that info you submitted actively — and get back to you!

What we NEVER get when you visit
We never get demographic information. We get location, that is, the location of the device (roughly) when you connect. For example, if you’re in Des Moines, we see that. We do NOT see where in that city you connect from. Other than that, we don't collect any precise geolocation information. We also do not cross reference information from our site with any other analytics platforms to get an idea of you as a person. We no longer user Google Analytics, for this reason. We do not believe you are a product to be sold, which leads to...

What we will NEVER do with any information we gather
We will never sell any information about visitors to anyone. This is another reason we stopped using Google. It’s also why we don’t use Google’s reCaptcha technology. If you’re entering a contract, we believe you should know that you’re doing so. We run our own servers, so your data is never sent to any third party.

We respect your privacy
If you set Do Not Track in your browser, our software respects that (here’s how to set that*) — not everyone does, unfortunately. If you have any questions, please reach out on our site and use our contact form.

*The law was pretty much weakened by lobbyists, so it's voluntary. i.e. no one gets in trouble for breaking the law.