Located in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, Nataloo specializes in designing and developing beautiful, dynamic web and mobile applications. We find that making sites, systems, and mobile applications both lovely and usable is paramount. We're comfortable with building custom solutions for you or working to improve your current infrastructure. Our mission is support your mission, whether you're down the street or on the other side of the planet.

Nataloo Founder, Louis Juska, has 20+ years of experience designing and building websites and applications for businesses and nonprofits throughout the country.

With a background in Fine Arts and music, Louis rediscovered his love of design and programming while in graduate school working with computers to broaden his creative expression. From there, he worked with and for mission and values driven nonprofits in San Francisco and New York who partnered with corporate, media, government and international entities (e.g. KQED, Toyota, PWC, State of California, United Nations).

Louis also brings with him a love of language(s), communication, psychology, philosophy and international travel which inform how he interacts with clients and his work. He lives in Great Barrington with his family.